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PROCESS: I use a wooden hammer and a roller to create a big slab from white stoneware. Then, I draw with a wooden tool my idea, and start to work on it. After completing the relief for a few days I cut it on sections. Leather dry it slowly for around 3 days, and start to work on the sections. Each piece is hollowed out on the back, and indicated with a number. Next stage is all the mural pieces to be put together, and dry very slowly for 3 - 4 weeks. Then, I use sand paper to smooth the relief, and bisque fire the pieces at Cone 05 - 04. In order to glaze the mural, I have to put together again all the pieces. Usually I need multiple firings (at least 3) at Cone 04 - 03. To complete a big size mural it takes at least month and a half.

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