Glass and Ceramic

About the Glass and Ceramic process 

First, I prepare the glass pieces: I cut a piece of glass from a sheet of (compatible) glass and decorate it with copper wire and colored glass, then I fire it at a low (fusing) temperature.

I use handmade slabs, made of white clay with grogs to build the shape of the sculpture. On the next day, I cut out holes in the form whose size fit the already fused glass pieces. After adding some texture and finishing details, I dry the sculpture slowly. Bisque fire it at Cone 06. After that, I glaze with a brush and fire again at Cone 05 – 02.  At the end, the already fused glass is attached with silicon on the inside walls of the work. It is important to calculate the shrinkage of the clay, so that the glass fits properly. I always make the holes on the back of the work bigger.

The sculptures are intended to be light installations.