About the process 

Indoor sculptures

First, I make a solid clay sculpture from stoneware and then hollow it out. To protect the work from collapsing during the hollowing process, I make a structure inside it. It looks like a sculpture inside the sculpture! After very slowly drying the earthenware, I bisque fire it at Cone 06. Then, I glaze the work with a brush and fire it at Cone 05 – 02.

When I want to make crackles to add more effects to the glaze, I open the kiln after the glaze firing when is still hot (100 °C), unload the ceramic work, and spray it with water (which caused cracks in the glaze). After spraying contrast colors stains over the glaze, I refire the work at Cone 05 just to close the open cracks.

Outdoor sculptures

In my current work I use stoneware clays to make sculptures, selecting the coarser clay for the larger works and fine smooth clay for more delicate pieces. Some of the sculptures are made using a slab technique whilst the figurative works are created solid and then are hollowed out before drying.

After the clay form is completed, it is dried very slowly and then bisque fired to 1000 °C after which glazes are applied to create the colours on the finished sculpture. I use effect glazes in a few layers and glase with a brush. The sculpture is then fired to 1240 -1250°C (cone 8 – 9).

The sculptures can be displayed outdoors as being stoneware, the clay becomes vitrified during the production process and therefore very hard.


Indoor sculpture – Size: 48cm/30cm/22cm


Outdoor sculpture – Size: 45cm/40cm/35cm, Pegasus as a freedom and inspiration symbol.

The little Mermaid

Outdoor sculpture – Size: H 50cm, The little Mermaid from Andersen’s fairy tale in an intimate talk with a pigeon.


Indoor sculpture – H 10cm/H 12cm/H 16cm, Represent the childhood process of a child: a three week old baby, a three year old girl and a nine year old girl.

Prenatal time

Indoor sculpture – H 24cm, Represent the prenatal time as a gift, the mother is aware and connected with the baby.

Higher Being

Indoor sculpture – H 25cm, Represents the invisible presence of our guardians and helpers.

Mermaid Family

Indoor sculpture – H 30cm


Indoor sculpture – Size: 43cm/17cm/20cm


Indoor sculpture – Size: 25cm/20cm/100cm, I decided to present the dolphin family group on a mirror, in order to achieve movement effects and water reflections.


Indoor sculpture – Size: 55cm/30cm/28cm

Mystic Cat

Indoor sculpture – Size: 38cm/30cm/28cm, Mystic cat or the contemporary woman with all her abilities.

Bird Sphinx

Indoor sculpture – Size: H 43cm


Indoor sculpture – Size: H 76cm


Indoor sculpture – Size: H 106cm


Indoor sculpture – Size: 193cm/63cm/48cm

Man & Woman

Indoor sculpture – Size: H 38cm / H 33cm

Angels Hug

Indoor sculpture – Size: 30cm/20cm/15cm

Dancing Family

Indoor sculpture – Size: 33cm/22cm


Indoor sculpture – Size: 20cm/22cm/12cm


Indoor sculpture – Size: 22cm/30cm/15cm

Orpheus and Eurydike

Indoor sculpture group – Size: H 40cm

Female torso

Indoor sculpture – Size: H 15cm

Cock and hen

Outdoor sculpture – Size: H 48cm

Sleeping Mermaid

Outdoor sculpture – Size:  11cm/16cm


Outdoor sculptures – Size:  10cm – 16cm